Siberian cat for sale

Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens For Sale


We do not meet people half way or by the mall or by the freeway. Please, come and see where we live. I will show you TICA registration, awards for our cattery.

Siberian Cat Description and Origin

The Siberian kittens is thought to have originated 1000 years ago in Russia and was recently introduced to the USA in the early 1990’s. Siberians are considered the largest domestic feline because of it’s large and dense bone structure. Its coat is simi-long haired and comes in many colors and color patterns. The dander produced by these cat’s (FEL D1) is measurably less than that produced by most domestic cats and is considered to be hypo-allergenic. Far more people with cat allergies can tolerate the Siberian cat quite well as proven through hundreds of testimonials.

Siberians are also known to be dog-like. They are more dependant on human interaction and tend to bond closer than other feline breeds. This also creates a situation that provides for easier training. Siberians are powerful cats, but rarely injure their human friends, even in play. They purr very loudly and love to head butt their favorite humans. They are not very vocal but quickly establish communications through body language.
Because of the obvious reasons above and many amazing others, the Siberian cat and kitten are rapidly becomming the pet of choice for many families.

Those of us at Siberian kittens Paw Cattery, enjoy the time we spend with these cats. We have developed tremendous bonds with our feline family. Because of the overwelming customer satisfaction, we actually enjoy working with prospective human customers also :-).
If you are interested in buying a Siberian cat or kitten, or just interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. siberian cat for sale

Siberian Cat For Sale

 Our Siberian cat for sale are very affectionate, intelligent, calm, and balanced in character, well dressed in silky fur and bright blue eyes and amazing lynx tufts on the ears and fluffy tails. Well known for their hypoallergenic fur, dog-like personality, and affection.


Siberian kittens should not be thought of as self-sufficient; rather, they need the attention of other living things, such as dogs. They are incredibly bright and adapt well to living in our homes. And they want human interaction and will put on a show for our pleasure and adoration. Also they have extraordinary senses and will dazzle you with their talents. They are large, powerful cats with a sweet demeanor and a golden heart. siberian cat for sale

Hypo-Allergenic Cats

After breeding Siberians since 1994 and having many families visiting my home, I can now say with confidence that people with cat allergies can tolerate the Siberian.

Health is more than just eating right and exercising – it’s about cultivating the right attitude and making a commitment to feel better … to be better.


The Siberian is a medium to large cat with the overall appearance of excellent physical condition, strength, balance, power, and alertness, modified by a sweet facial expression.

Siberian Kittens for sale


1) Kittens are not the same as dogs. For them, weaning is a gradual process.
2) Cats require interaction with their siblings in order to learn how to respond to aggressive behavior in a more suitable manner.
3) As breeders, we have a bigger obligation than simply surviving. Although an 8-week-old cat may survive without its mother and siblings, breeders should aim for the best time for psychosocial development and health. This puts the timeframe closer to 12-16 weeks. If you’re looking for a unique
4)As a result of allergies, the majority of Siberian kitten owners are first-time cat owners.
That implies they won’t have as much experience with a kitten, let alone an 8-week-old. 5) It’s very simple for an 8- or 9-week-old kitten to have a seizure. They’ll lose weight quickly if they have stomach problems, which will happen when they can least afford it. There is a significant change between 8 weeks and 14 weeks.
6) It’s risky to send kittens home with only one immunization at the age of eight weeks. We all know that pet owners frequently avoid vet checkups, and those kittens’ boosters are enormous.
7) We are not in the business of selling kittens. We’re selling a companion which you will have for 15 years. 


We had a pleasant return journey. When I got back to Houston, I pulled over and let her have free reign of the vehicle. That seemed to make her happier, so I gave it a shot. She eventually rode on my shoulders and slept in that position. She is so sweet. Since I let her out of the cage, she hasn’t wept a single tear. Oh, she yelled at first…… but we got through it.
I’ve been having so much fun with her that I completely forgot to eat dinner on Tuesday night! She is ENTERTAINMENT GUARANTEED! And what a love story!

Siberian kittens for sale
Carla Rose

A few weeks ago, I drove down from Mina to buy one of your Siberian kittens. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing fantastic and that we are quite pleased with him. He is a bright young man with a lot of personality and drive. He’ll already have retrieved his favorite toy, returned it to you, dropped it at your feet, and waited for you to throw it again. You’ve turned me into a Siberian cat fanatic, and I doubt I’ll ever own another kind. Well, I just wanted to say thank you for the great kitty, and we know where to go if we decide to acquire another. I’ve attached a photo of him to this message.

Siberian kittens for sale
Dinner Melvin

I just wanted to send you some photos of our “Mischa,” which we bought a year ago. She’s growing like a weed, as you can see from the photos below. She is both intelligent and attractive. If we ever acquire another cat, it will most definitely be a Siberian! We are moving into a new house next month, so she will be able to enjoy the country view, as well as the birds! She is, without a doubt, the family’s baby. Thank you for allowing us to welcome Mischa into our family.

Siberian kittens for sale
Anne and Kevin

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Siberian Cats are very social, family oriented cats.

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