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The Siberian Kittens Paw is a native to the eastern part of Russia , specifically from the cold region of Siberia and is probably the result of the cross between the European cat and the wild cat of the Siberian forests. It is within the category of semi-long-haired cats and its abundant fur has allowed the breed to survive for a thousand years, withstanding temperatures of almost 30 °C below zero.

Siberian Kittens Paw

General characteristics 

At birth, and up to three months of age, the Siberian Kittens Paw has short hair. But then develops an abundant long brindle coat and colors ranging from brown to gray, with darker linear drawings. And white areas on the chin and chest. Where the hair grows even longer, giving the appearance of a necklace. This phenotype is common in winter, where the cold and humidity of the snow are extreme. The sebaceous secretion that surrounds the hair follicle helps maintain an adequate temperature to survive.

The rounded lines on the head, ears, and eyes stand out. The legs are wide and the rear ones are longer than the front ones. The tail is wider at the base than at the tip and the hair is long and very dense.

This type of feline is robustly built, weighs between 4 and 9 kilos, and has agility and speed worthy of a great hunter.

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