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Health Guarantee

Our cats are very affectionate, intelligent, with a calm and balanced character, well dressed with a silky coat. And bright blue eyes and amazing lynx-like tufts on the ears and fluffy tails. The Pure Siberian kittens cattery are a large breed and does not mature until five years of age. They are familiar for their hypoallergenic fur, canine personality and affection. Munchkin cat

When at the time of purchase, these cats are guaranty against genetic disease. So, to qualify for this guarantee, the pure siberian kittens cattery must be examined by a licensed veterinarian at the purchaser’s expense within 3 days (except Sundays and holidays) of adoption. If the veterinarian discovers any health issues, then the buyer may return the kitten to the seller within 24 hours with a veterinarian’s explanation for a full refund or another kitten. 
For one year, these kittens are guarantee against genetic disease. Because,  PHK Fel calicivirus, PHK FIV ag, FELV ag. And also DNA Mycoplasmosis haemofelis, and DNA Virus were all tested in all parents.

Siberian cat health

The Siberian cat is a natural cat breed, that is, the human hand has not intervened in its evolution, which is why it is a particularly healthy breed that, unlike other cat breeds, does not present its own genetic diseases.

Siberian cat body

In the Siberian cat, the rounded lines on the head, ears, and eyes stand out. The legs are wide and the rear ones are longer than the front ones. The tail is wider at the base than at the tip and the hair is long and very dense.

Our Pricing and Policies

We raise Hypoallergenic Siberian kittens Traditional and Neva Masquerade kittens to the highest standards. All of our cats are direct imports from the Russian Federation and Europe. And they have many generations of Champions in their blood line. The following items are included in the price of each kitten:

  • Written contract/receipt
  • spayed/neutered kitten
  • vet exam certificate
  • health guarantee against genetic disease
  • record of health up to date vaccinations and deworming
  • certificate of registration microchip
  • We can order pedigrees based on your specifications.