Purchase and Delivery

How It Works

Please get in touch with us to ensure that the Siberian kitten you’re interested in is still available.
To hold your kitten for pickup or shipment, the amount required to purchase the kitten will be pay, which is we refund to you.
To make a reservation, please contact us. 

Shipping Siberian Kitten

There is nanny service available. We can connect you with one of our dedicated nannies who will transport your cat to you. They will be cared for in the cabin by their nanny during their journeys.

Ground Service

We can connect you with our dependable ground transportation service, which will bring your kitten to you. Although it may take a little longer, your kitten will be well care for and treate by a member of their family on its way to you. We welcome you to fly in to pick up the Siberian kitten of your dreams, or you can drive in to our establishment to pick up your new Siberian kitten Purchase.

Our Siberian kitten can be shipped for as little as $150 depending on where you live, and there is also a home delivery option.
We will process all necessary documents and register your kitten for transportation to an airport location closest to the receiver for pickup once we have confirmed the purchase from clients. The delivery schedule will always be determined primarily by the availability of available flights. You will contact for confirmation once we have successfully registered the kitten for transportation.

Siberian Kitten